All Mobile & Modular Units' wall, floor and ceiling is insulated with (PUFF) panels or wood ply covered with (PPGI) or Stainless Steel Sheet.
Different units divided in Mechanical Area, Processing Area and in Chilling & Cooling Room; Carcase beginning Chilling Immediately after Processing and are down to Temperature by Next Morning. Mobile Units are have Diesel Generator, Water Storage Tank, Automatic Water Filling System with auto cut on Full of Water Tank, Hot Water Instant Geyser, Refrigeration units and others tools to work with folding panels.

Processing Capability

Different Mobile & Modular Unit have Different Capacity for Animal / Poultry and Birds / Rabbits etc., Its also depending upon buchlers and his working, Average Capacity as followings...


Mobile & Modular Unit come with standard installs equipments and features, Normally Mobile Units is Little Bit expensive compare to Modular Units coz Mobile Unit base is Trailer. We also offer some of optional Equipments & Features in Mobile & Modular Units. For More details Feel Free To Contact Us.

For Additional information and assistance in determining Mobile & Modular Processing Unit, please feel free to Contact Us at...